Alessandra Corti Associates Financial (ACAF) tax practitioners have 50+ years combined experience in tax preparation and tax law. Your tax practitioner should be your confidant, tax law expert and taxation impact advisor. As the economy changes, the financial industry is continuing to diversify, affording more options to middle-income Americans. Now is the time one might think about getting your OWN PERSONAL TAX PRACTITIONER. Your tax practitioner's phone number should be right next to your doctor's and lawyer's. They should be reachable year-round. Call 866-215-5243

  • TAX SETTLEMENT: Have back year taxes to file? Being audited? Owe back taxes? Let us talk to the IRS on your behalf. It is possible to get your liability reduced or completely abated. 866-215-5243
  • RECEIVED A NOTICE FROM IRS: Do not ignore it. Your practitioner can have your file moved to your local IRS office where it can be resolved much quicker than via fax and phone. Practitioners have a direct IRS phone number for this purpose. This is time sensitive (30 days).
  • AUDIT NOTICES: These notices indicate that the auditor has found something questionable in the information on the return either by application or rules and regulation understanding. It does not mean it's wrong. Your practitioner can explain it in language the IRS understands.
  • UNDER STATEMENT OF INCOME: Yes, it comes with an amount due notice, but all it means is you forgot to include all your income. A practitioner can incorporate it into your return to be sure IRS is correct and if not, get it resolved.

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