ACAF tax preparer

What to look for in a Tax Practitioner

  • Because tax laws, rules and regulations are constantly changing, the IRS ask practitioners to keep current by taking continuing education classes. You can be sure the practitioner is up to date and in good standing with IRS by checking them out at  , IRS's Preparer Directory.  
  • If not on IRS list, they can still prepare your return and charge a fee but, if IRS has questions about your return IRS may not communicate with that person in your stead about how your return was prepared. You will have to talk for yourself. Paying someone who cannot represent you might not be a good choice. 
  • Uses up to date professional software. Have access to bank products. Using out dated software could result in an application in your return being incorrect.
  • How long has the practitioner been preparing returns? 
  • Your practitioner should be contactable 12 months a year for questions. Whether about your return or about a pending financial strategy's you may have, tax impact.                                                                                                        
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