About Us

We’ve loved every minute of our journey and hope you will join us on the rest of it.

Our journey began at a kitchen table with a young lady’s fascination with numbers and formulas, plus the desire to understand the workings of IRS’s rules, regulations and taxation process. The quest carried on to uncover the weight that State, Federal, Corporate and International rules, laws and regulations have on everyone's financial security. We discovered middle-income America needed a different approach to obtaining financial security--an approach with minimal or no risk, and maximum growth and protection potential. A venue where anyone could get this education with no obligation. A place to learn how to make their money accomplish all the financial goals within their reach. These FREE education forums are held monthly. Contact us for dates, times and location. We have affiliates across the country in your local area.

In addition to financial knowledge, Alessandra Corti Associates bring knowledge of the inner workings of Real Estate sales, Mortgage Financing, Retirement Planning, Money/Debt Management, and Income Taxation to show you financial security is not just for the rich and famous. Financial security is achieved by effective money placement, not how much money you have. Anyone can do it when shown the way. Want to know how to reduce all your interest paid (by thousands)? Learn how to reduce a 30-year mortgage to 7-12 yrs? If DEBT FREE is your goal, we have the answers to get it done. NO OBLIGATION. CALL 866-215-5243. TELL US WHAT YOU NEED DONE!

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